Grief is the normal reaction a person feels when someone or something of importance is lost.  It is an emotional response which may vary in intensity depending on how significant the loss was.

A person can grieve many things:  the loss of a job, the loss of a pet, the death of a loved one, the ending of a marriage/relationship, the decline of one's health or abilities. How you grieve is very much related to your personality and coping skills, your faith and beliefs as well as the nature and significance of the loss.  There is no “normal” grieving nor timetable in which you will begin to feel better.


There are many symptoms of grief.  Shock and disbelief, anger, sadness, anxiety, panic, fear, guilt as well as physical symptoms are common, however almost any emotion you feel right after a loss is normal and predictable.


Though grief is natural, many of us can get lost in the grieving process.  In grief and loss therapy I will work with clients and their unique situations to navigate through grief in a healthy way and to overcome challenges that may leave people emotionally stuck.

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