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Womans Mental Health


While the menopause transition is a natural phenomenon, the psychological impact is often underreported and unfortunately, undertreated.  Most women have no ideal what to expect.  No two experiences are the same. 

Menopause can also appear at a time when women are dealing with other challenges and life transitions.  Aging, retirement, growing children, grief and loss, past trauma, health concerns and relationship issues to name a few.  It is for these reasons we benefit from taking a Holistic approach, which takes into consideration one's mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and social wellbeing.


Some of the challenges associated with menopause are:

  • difficulty coping 

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • irritability

  • relationship issues

  • hot flashes

  • changing body

  • fear of aging

  • grief and loss

  • cognitive changes

Women embracing menopause

In order to better navigate perimenopause and menopause, knowledge is power.  Knowing what is happening with our bodies is the first step in understanding how to best manage your Menopause.

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